28 - 29 May, 2018 | Pullman Brisbane King George Square, Brisbane, QLD

Juergen Maier-Gyomlay

Head of International Affairs and Projects
BLS Cargo

7:00 AM Managing and Prioritising a Long-Term Plan for Optimal Management of Rail Structures and Assets

Developing the right asset management program ensures that your assets reach their maximum potential, and when there is a high demand from the public for reliable freight services, managing these assets should be at the forefront of a project. Asset management should be viewed from a holistic, longterm approach, avoiding the temptation to view it as a simple document or checklist. In this workshop, you will discover what practical approaches are needed to ensure the establishment of long-term asset management for a newly constructed project. Given the distance of the tracks, this workshop will look at the best approaches to maintaining consistency, minimise possible derailment and ensure it remains optimal to meet future freight growth.

What will the workshop cover?

  • Understanding the future objectives for maintaining fleet, structures, buildings, systems and people assets, and setting up the plan for a long-term outlook
  • Utilising the right plan for efficient scheduling of maintenance and predictive maintenance
  • Ensuring technical compliance of the routine maintenance of inspections are in accordance with organisational risk and engineering standards
  • Improving communication and handling of stakeholders involved as well as maintaining staff capabilities in understanding future concepts and plans for asset management

4:40 PM International Case Study: Creating a Sustainable and Harmonised Approach to Rail Freight at BLS Cargo – Lessons Learned from Euorpean Freight Corridors in Enhancing Reliability and Seamelss Networks

BLS Cargo’s market share in Swiss transit rail sits at roughly 28%, meaning that this corridor haulage provider plays a substantial contribution to rail freight across European freight traffic. In order to help in boosting rail freight and create sustainable, harmonised services, BLS Cargo has been involved in various European freight initiatives including legislative framework for successful modal shift and more effective measures for stakeholder engagement and coordination between corridors. Drawing on lessons learned from BLS Cargo’s strategies, this session will explore:
  • How BLS Cargo is playing a part in the development of uniform requirement for infrastructure managers to enhance interoperability and seamlessness across all corridors
  • Introducing and investing in new technology and processes, such as high performing freight messaging, that will work consistently with infrastructure and improve performance, productivity and profitability
  • Exploring the political initiatives and implement a long distance strategy to grow freight volumes and demands for neighbouring areas

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